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Website sumit

Quite often submission services will enter your site into 100, 500, 1500 search engines. The truth is there aren't that many search engines. There are about 50 major search engines, and another 50 small engines. There are also mega search engines that draw their results from the basic search engines, but you can't directly submit to these.

There are indexes in which your site may or may not fit into. If your site doesn't fit the catagory then its denied and whats worse you never know it. There are search engines that will ban you from submitting if you submit too many pages of your site or too often. You may be paying for a service to submit your site and they do but how many of those are actually included in the database. There are FFA link pages. Now what most people don't realize is an FFA link page only hold your link from a day to a couple of weeks. They do have their purpose though. More and more search engines are ranking your site by popularity (how may links you have on other webpages.) If you have 800 ffa pages have been indexed by the search engines that have your link on it, it will help your site ranking. This takes submitting to these many times until you establish yourself.

We now offer website submissions to up to 190.000 search engines, indexes, and FFA links. Now that doesn't mean you will be in all 190.000. We hand pick what is right for your site and what will most likely be accepted into. We do guarentee that you will find a minimum of 15.000 of these to take your site, it may be much more. But they are all places that will actually promote your site. We resubmit your link to the FFA pages 5 times for no extra charge, to make sure they help your ranking in the search engines. By submitting just these, you won't be banned from the major search engines for spam. We also give you personalized tips and advise ahead of time to insure your site is search engine ready and will provide you the best results.

We strive to offer you good service that will produce results at a reasonable price. If you would like to try us, please contact us. We will review your meta tags and site layout and let you know if we know any tips that might help you in promoting your website. We will then submit your site to as many of the 190.000 resources we have available. After We submit these We will provide you a list of the search engines, indexes, and FFA links that your site has been added to.

If you have any questions please contact us.