Project management


Marketing strategy is what 123Alliance.com is all about. You get our expert advice in every project we do, so it's not as if this is a separate line item on an invoice. However, some clients already know what they want, and they simply need the tools to accomplish their objectives. If that is your case, we're happy to jump right in and begin producing whatever tools you need to carry out your own marketing plan.

Some clients need a bit more direction and would like to spend some extra time discussing all the options and possibilities when it comes to running a marketing campaign. If this better describes your situation, we'd love to spend considerable time with you consulting on the pros and cons of various things you can do. As with most things, there is almost always a tradeoff to discuss. For every pro there is a con. Sometimes they're not always obvious though. We've been doing this long enough to have some ideas of which pros are worth their cons and which ones aren't.

We certainly don't have all the answers. But we've been doing this since almost the inception of the internet, so we may have a trick or two up our sleeve that might help your cause. But if we really don't know or don't have any ideas, we'll tell you. Since everything we do is performance based [compensation], we have to produce results to get paid!

When considering some of our services, think about what kind of needs you have in terms of marketing consulting. Please let us know up front if you think you need none, a little, or a lot of help with your plans. It will give us a better perspective of your position and will help us help you!